​The Utah Team Hope Walk is just a few days away! Have you invited your family and friends? Just family? Is it weird to invite friends? We get it! Here are some things you can try to minimize the "weird".

Be a Regular Advocate

Let's be honest, a lot of the awkwardness comes from being caught off guard. When your friends reguarly see you sharing Huntington's Disease news, an invitation to the Walk will not catch them off guard. In fact, they might even ask you more about HD. If you aren't already a regular advocate, start today!

Extend the Invite in Person

Tagging your friends on a Facebook post can get weird fast. You tag them hoping for some sort of response. Then they are forced to decide between commenting online and not responding, hoping you just forget it happened the time you run into each other again. Talk to them in person and thank them for allowing you to extend the invite.

Have No Shame, Have No Expectation

Remember you are extending an invitation to a non-profit event, not the prom! The worst thing that worst that can happen is, "Sorry, I can't make it." Life goes on. The world won't end. You aren't being selfish asking for particiation.

See you this Saturday and thanks for your help with spreading the word!